Saturday, 15 March 2008

A Natural Suicide

But what does it mean?

Our angry voices cry

With the fervour and rhythm

Of a thought that feigns to fly.

Collective, we are

Give to the cause

I came from the


That cannot be true

For what significance

Can be attributed to life

Without that passage

To frame and guide?

I will not use 'we'

For fear of contagion

Needs breach the person

An extension

Of nothing, of all.

This, we come to the root

Of the very problem

Facing a wide berth

And stronger arms

For the last, and first

Is here.

Part Deux

Am I more cultured

May I now place myself atop

Of you?

Combining foreign and native

The social ladder proves itself to be

An easy climb; steal a language.

I defy your rules

But I live within your bounds

There is naught I can do

There is not I can be

I do not defy these rules.

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