Monday, 29 September 2008

Linear Advance

Look forward, not behind. Admire, and improve upon, do not worship. Social changes. Upper class men.
Slavery acknowledges civility, and is one.

Sing democracy's praises, do not let it hear you doubt it.
Do not tell it lies, except to protect the other.
Tell them all that they may hope.
Disguise a change in it and
Focus on defeating your rival.
This is survival of the popular myth.

Nothing Questions

Where did they come from?
Did they intrude on the present?
Rudely, and corrupt, without a personal sex.
No definite. A concentrated ambiguity,
Only this.
A light drawn from above.
And the colours become nothing
In sudden contact.
Vacuus and derived,
A slow development allows for completeness ,
That washes our excitement and understanding
Away. But what do we know about concrete?