Saturday, 13 March 2010

What is or can Will be?

But it still leaves the
question, as it remains;
what is this paralysis
- this waking death -
that cripples me,
and only does not when
I turn to confront it?
Doth it play with me, am I a
pawn to its orchestrator?
Laughter do I hear behind
the curtain, while flailing
I burrow further into
this terrible illusion.
So it is. If my actions are moot,
my mind can be free, hopefully.
Dreaming this ignorant bliss.
What of the mind as it seems?
What is the mind? Is the mind?
Trapped in ignorant bliss.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Brighter Star

I'll look for you
to keep me true
to follow through
I'll look for you

you they took
when you they found
but for you I still seek
over hill or under ground
in sundered valley or creek

I'll look for us
to grant us peace
what shame we must
for us

look for me
by the sea
when I'm free
look for me