Saturday, 15 March 2008


How to become a university professor in English: be anti-social.

Share – let us develop together. Make lists, what do you activate? Are you a robot? Does an artificial mind comprehend the virtues of language? A monkey on the stage, preaching intelligence. Why do we listen? Choice? Apparently so. They give with one hand while the other holds ground. Control is our forte, we exercise when we can. Exceptions are expected, we are only human after all. Abolition of higher education. Is that not what you stated? I'm terribly sorry. I was mistaken. Lazy lectures, drunkards also, no care for the students they look to. Day by day. These lights, my eyes; they're burning.

Karl Marx – now I see the truth, attempts by my friend to convince me, John Lennon was a communist? Surely not utopia, the advancement of all man, doesn't quite equate to the red banner? Oh, Lenin, you fiend! Do you know now just what you started? Let us re-invent the world. Let the buildings fall and shine again.


The day has turned too late

We forget what we once were

An hour's victim played

In the shadow of a stair

Return to body's rest

Exhale for why we care

Accept a daughter's pleas

Alone, the wander fair

Denial of the past

Limitless appeal

The world has made its mind

Known to all who hear

The gentle touch of life

A lover's whisper, dear

Breathe in me a new begin

Fight and kill and gasp and win.

Lie, Low

Let us dream, and keep dreaming
The eye waits for none
A steady hand, but faster writing
And time turns for one.

Wait, do you hear?
Exception breathes the wind
Again, another year
Disaster; have we sinned?

Only I, a step for
A breach in the wrong direction
Allowing for, only I
Far clearer face, complexion.

A rattle bought, considered long
Alive, but surely teething?
Beware the vice, a poisoned son
The man, betrayed and seething.

A Natural Suicide

But what does it mean?

Our angry voices cry

With the fervour and rhythm

Of a thought that feigns to fly.

Collective, we are

Give to the cause

I came from the


That cannot be true

For what significance

Can be attributed to life

Without that passage

To frame and guide?

I will not use 'we'

For fear of contagion

Needs breach the person

An extension

Of nothing, of all.

This, we come to the root

Of the very problem

Facing a wide berth

And stronger arms

For the last, and first

Is here.

Part Deux

Am I more cultured

May I now place myself atop

Of you?

Combining foreign and native

The social ladder proves itself to be

An easy climb; steal a language.

I defy your rules

But I live within your bounds

There is naught I can do

There is not I can be

I do not defy these rules.


Whenever I tell someone that
I write poetry
The phrase seems to stick
A stigma I've been drawn into
Willingly, for a time.

Since the first written venture
Perhaps it was ironic then
Trying to hold my laughter
from nudging my scribbling pen.

A break from reality through
A breakup, it came
The inspiration was laid quickly, and heavy.
A string of emotions inked out in black, and blue
But never red, I was told it was rude.

Reserve your opinions if you wish
But to my eye, no restrain will do.

Do Not Struggle

When we came to be, that short time ago - but was it?
What is my justification for using that particular adjective?
That we haven't been dominant on this planet for as long as the dinosaurs were?
There is an immediate flaw there; what is dominant?
Do we mistake dominance for greed and self-harm?
What pride can we have in dominating a planet that we are destroying?
For the time being, however, I shall press on with the point. Do I surprise you?
Can I justify my words by referring to the continued, and original, existence of the planet that we inhabit?
Or perhaps in the universe lies the key?
I bring to the stand the predicament; which term is the righteous?
Humans have existed for a long time. Humans have existed for a short time.
Case 02: The human race has existed for a long time, as we have been part of the evolutionary web for many times any single span of life.
Furthermore, as the span of one's own life is all that a person can know about time, it is by default that anything longer than it must be classed as such. Relativity.
There is always a but, only the effectiveness of the manoeuvre can fluctuate widely. When do we grant humanity to have begun?
With the evolution of the Homo Sapien?
What of the genus?
If this proves to be too difficult an indicator would you consider the human race to have been in proper existence since the time of the first civilised nations?
If so would you consider many modern people to actually be of another race?
Why do I contradict myself?
What if we hadn't survived?


There is no
That we must know
In reference
But to whom?
Not self
But where?
Do not question
It equals it
Active possibility
of disunion