Monday, 26 January 2009

Everyone & I

Of course he's a writer!
How could it have been any other way?
His air reeks of pomp and insecurity
With hands untouched by kindness or labour.
Blindly staring, struggling with his muse
Why doesn't he give in to the plain blue sky?

When it's blue and clear; the clouds threaten more than just rain.
We pass so much beauty, instantaneous and for us never again
But for others, yes. There must always be more.
For what is life without appreciation?
How does it count?
I don't think that they will remember
Your endless yarn, when time matters.

But my opinion is certainly as invalid
Or do I elevate myself above and beyond?
The fate of many; disillusionment and pride.
Despair, only later.

Who will be remembered?
What will come to pass?
Where is the worth in trying
If nothing will ever last?

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Voice of Reason

As high-handed as we know
As mighty as we read
We are and will be
Of the human creed.
Ongoing and ever-true
God-like in focus
Perhaps that is what
It truly means to be.

Submit, you unworthy soldier
Be mine, and be still.

But to express
Is to grant perfection
To anything that
We don't know.

Friday, 16 January 2009


A time will come when frustration
Marries itself to best intentions
Whose and when we see this
Another day may tell
For answers are never easy.
You mistake my eyes for glasses
And my tremble-hands for holes.
I am not your Harry, Selma
I am not your silver shoe.
Forget we were ever parted
Miss me like you do
And when the dream-like distance
Catches you half-asleep
Grasp your straws for sickness
So health knows you're weak.