Monday, 30 March 2009


How do we know that life and death are real? We say "what of the animals and of everything else in the universe?" But we only perceive them. We privilege ourselves because we must always be selfish, we exist as selfishness.

An Inner Monologue's Outward Manifestation; or, How I Came to Be

Too close to know what is.
Further, the process becomes discernible
But inevitably irrelevant.
The option is not happy
We never tried to pretend.

Let my own lack of a voice be heard.

We don't. The reality is far tamer.
Through necessity or apathy?
Maybe I only exist in your head,
As real as anything else.

We privilege by our own position.

Belief in the self.
I cannot affirm you.
Only conviction of I.

Empty with such fullness.

Dreams are like seasickness
They are real as long as they last.
And things are just starting.

To say yes to one instant is to say yes to all existence.

No self, but that which we wish.
Outside forces are felt, sporadically.
Fleeting in acceptance.
Once or again to be.

Why is it not a story of progress,
But of exception?

The first step is acceptance of ignorance.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Pause and Correct

Oh, Whom
You do suffer
Passed, your share
Is also more than fair.

Can we hope to change
The ways of men and
The ways that have
Come unto them?

The past is there
But will it be
For after all

The designs we pry
May get us by
But we are blind to
Whom we hurt.

A cry, a cry!
What's that,
A lie?
Return us to the dirt.

A solution can be
If a problem is
And a process
Gains momentum.

But this just can't
Confine itself
To singular aim
Or dictum.

So be prepared for
Always causing
More than you
Had planned.

But in the end
We'll ever be
Right here
To lend a hand.

Friday, 13 March 2009


Am I searching?
I stop and find no connection
What am I doing here?
A feigned grasp at happiness,
And love.

I don't remember agreeing to this.
Were there classes?

If they will always worry -
They don't understand me,
They're not enough -
Then why must I bother?

Who am I addressing?
Am I listening?

We believe in pressure,
Or the result.
The chasm will only widen as time goes on.
Unless I reach for it
And my grasp then becomes honesty.

Hope must never meet doubt
Dancing for life
The mirrors in a hall,
Turn. Shield.

Imperative to understanding
Or what we take it to be.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Sometimes I am the only person who will understand.
So I just talk to myself.
I am my raging incomprehension.
I am my melting spoon.
I am my rotting ego.
I am my reaction to inaction.
No one asked, so I told them again and again.