Monday, 15 December 2008

From Whom Are You Running?

We have written away our souls
And express surprise when they know us whole.
So we deserve to experience fear.
We would not wish for it to be otherwise
No matter the protest that accompanies it all
Block it out, or don't. Accept our fate, blindly.
Or change it while you can, if you can.
Why won't you take off your rosy glasses?

The Page; the Page

Our freedoms lay entwined.
Unknowing yet utterly trusting
A dynamic pact, as strong as any other;
Tighter, still, for it cannot so easily be betrayed.
Each party has no overt motivation to deny the other
Their advantage is mutual and rewarding.
Exciting and always new
The reader and the writer.

Do You Ask Questions?

We will always be asking you to do something
I have all of these things in my head
Then, though a mess it may be, it exists.
Don't be narrow, we do not like it
If you run out, please conclude yourself later
Then eat your undesirable words
Or they will return to haunt you.
Repeating what you've heard
Or you should have. Where was it thrown?
Do you still claim ownership? You can still try
A suggestive connection requires gestures
You can decide on the hands.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Infinite Memory

How often do you muse
On how things could be
If this or that were different
If you or I weren't me?

Do you realise the contradictory manner
Of such a musing? That nature does not hold
Ultimate sway? If you were born 150 years ago
You wouldn't be you. There is a possibility
Somewhere; but we cannot attain it, yet.
We can never know any moment except the present -
And never again will we, truly.
If we even knew this one.

Living Memory

Again, these ears hear the end
A convenient oblivion masks our fate
In depth, we cannot remember too long ago
It all becomes blurred,
A siren call.
A living disintegration of recollection.
Return now to this disjointed site -
Can you ever understand what happened here?
See your imagined community,
What have they given you?
What have they destroyed?
Tell me about yourself only.