Friday, 13 February 2009

Pursued by Ignorance

What do we need?
What do I?
How much of what I perceive to be need is false?
Cushions for my ego, for my ideals of well-being.
Societal Pressures.
Why do I need friends?
Can I not only have them when it is true?
Do we not all rely on others?


Why do we see icons where none lies?
What becomes of our empty eyes?
Let us not see, to ease our suffering.
The sound of the spectacle - it invades our cries.
Oh, too serious. Why do you persist with mirrors?
They only shape your crimes. First and last, we give all.
More than; we can die.
You will think that this is fabulous.
Look at what I can try.
A looser grasp on morals. Not at fault, I do.

Draft for Desire

Awake and four years older.
The picture never changes, only the focus tries.
When alone, sound is again pervading.
Wading through memories, so deep
The bottom I cannot perceive.
Or would not, if so able.
Trapped by the knowledge;
What we become haunts us
And what we were is true.
An endless melody,
The means justified by the intention.
Remain composed
Listen and breathe in.

Monday, 9 February 2009


An honest truth cannot betray me
And the pavements make us sing.
So how do we dance
When it's not about fiction
But what it leaves in?

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A Meandering Stream Finds Instinct to Be Stronger

Needs dictate; must focus.
The colour in a green field
Gates, but the cows cannot jump them
Now guns, booming and screaming
The birds become disturbance.
Return these views to freshness:
A Sunday among others
Nestled and warm
To be abused
Forgiveness counts not
In this reckoning
But the phallic debate
Continues to rage.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Dire Patience

We gave it a second
We waited.

Obviously we were impatient
But we had our reasons
Justification beyond it
And us, we didn't know
What it meant.
Good, clean hollows
Gaining in measure
Between eternity and
Nothing else.

It cannot now
Or ever matter
Despite good will
And prevailing winds
Always a step ahead
It remained
And we behind.