Saturday, 15 March 2008


How to become a university professor in English: be anti-social.

Share – let us develop together. Make lists, what do you activate? Are you a robot? Does an artificial mind comprehend the virtues of language? A monkey on the stage, preaching intelligence. Why do we listen? Choice? Apparently so. They give with one hand while the other holds ground. Control is our forte, we exercise when we can. Exceptions are expected, we are only human after all. Abolition of higher education. Is that not what you stated? I'm terribly sorry. I was mistaken. Lazy lectures, drunkards also, no care for the students they look to. Day by day. These lights, my eyes; they're burning.

Karl Marx – now I see the truth, attempts by my friend to convince me, John Lennon was a communist? Surely not utopia, the advancement of all man, doesn't quite equate to the red banner? Oh, Lenin, you fiend! Do you know now just what you started? Let us re-invent the world. Let the buildings fall and shine again.

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