Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Suddenly, An Eternally Fleeting Truth

What if... ebbs away?
What of..? It diminishes.
Or of..? It will deteriorate, undoubtedly.
They are already not what they were. If the whole declines, how can I justify myself?
Is not a realisation of mediocrity the best route? There is only pride at stake. It involves no one else.

What do I value?
What do others value in me?
Does this answer my question, or is it all still subjectivity?
Useless and unnecessary?
Why should I have confidence in myself?
Do I need it?
Am I thinking outside of myself?
What of my needs?
Does a person need to be delusional?
Am I speaking of life, or of existence?
The personal I or the societal we?
Does anything matter?

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