Monday, 24 November 2008

Talk, Talk. Trapped.

What ideas do I have? None, say I! Why? For the book did I not read! Say it does not ring true. Fie, it doth ring truer than you know. Accept this and weep, but do not despair. The lecture will be saved! These scoundrels - noisy, noisy scoundrels - are more than likely to sprout one promising perception between them. It must be, by the simple laws of probability!

What reading? Ponder for a long time and hope that no one notices. Look up, provide scope for inspiration, then head back down to write more intangible lessons. Hope. Hope. Is she looking? Why sit in the front? This situation begs for relief. Cavalry doesn't show itself so readily in life. The horn lies silent beside the Gordian Knot. On with it. Perhaps more slowly for a time, this notion is a deep one. Full of double meanings and interesting commentary on the multifaceted subtext of that queer book. Quiet. Did I write too much?

Is that satisfactory? We are searching for more. It would be rude to start reading a different book, I suppose. Then, this is equally so, only far more inconspicuous. Until I'm put on the spot. What is she doing? Too close, far too close. Cramp. Must stop.

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